Political Potential of Art

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#9 Political Potential of Art

With live Encounters in Warsaw and Gdansk

19 May – 31 July 07

The approach of perceiving art in its esthetic and 'leisure' dimension is over! It's now time for artists, curators, intellectuals in modern humanistic and philosophy, policy scientists, sociologists, art historians, lawyers, journalists, architects and urban planners to join their forces and potential to explore new mechanisms of using art in the democratic processes. Don't fear to develop new mechanisms for re-connecting artists and society, let us explore effective tools that can be applied on the crossroads between contemporary arts and modern humanistic science, civic society education and contemporary landscape culture. They should be meant both as a territory for critical reflection on the contemporary existence as well as concrete activities to influence the space of social and democratic changes.
The encounter Political Potential of Art is the on-line debate, with artistic and intellectual interventions in the public space, both real and in virtual space, supported by the interactive net-art projects by the artistic collective Twozywo.
The image, titled 'Jestem' ('I am') comes from the Twozywo.

This encounter is hosted by: BSCC

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