Cultural versus National Borders

Video still from 'Rever (DE)' by Szabolcs KissPál

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#1 Cultural versus National Borders

With a live Encounter 19/20 February 2007 in Budapest

01 January – 31 July 07

In the Encounter CULTURAL VERSUS NATIONAL BORDERS writers, and intellectuals from various disciplines will be taking part in a creative dialogue about present and future Europe. The aim of this encounter is to open up new perspectives and start new discussions while trying to avoid over-used buzzwords, instead focusing on artistic contributions, looking at European processes in subjective, independent and provocative ways. Together with this online Encounter a live Encounter took place in Budapest, 19/20 February 2007.

This encounter is hosted by: Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Szabolcs KissPál: Detail from "Rever (DE)"

Opening statement

Cultural versus national borders

After years in which the status quo in post war Europe remained rigidly frozen, dividing the continent into two halves, West and East, Europe has been in a state of constant motion for almost two decades. Like in a “continental drift”, political systems have been changing, wars and conflicts have occurred, borders have shifted, and our notions of West and East, centre and periphery, inside and outside, have changed constantly. Just in these days we are facing another change of EU borders with the new member states Bulgaria and Romania. more...

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