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Artistic contribution

to Cultural versus National Borders

Szabolcs KissPál

„Rever (DE)“

„Installation Kunstverein Neuhausen“

Rever usually consists of an outdoor object, and an indoor video-projection. The object is a strangely coloured banner placed outdoor. A videocamera is pointed through the window glass upon the object, in a large frame composition that shows the flag together with a part of the environment details of the building, cars, trees, people. The live video signal is projected onto the gallery wall or screened on a monitor. The camera is set up to invert the colours of the picture, so we see a live but negative world, with an image of the national flag in the middle. The installation is part of a series in which colour inverted national flags are installed all over the world. 9 projects have allready been completed (Germany, Hungary, Italy, Finland, Moldavia, Romania, Slovakia, United States, The Netherlands)

Kunstverein Neuhausen, Staadtbucherei Stuttgart, IFA Stuttgart (DE), Hungarian Consulate New York (USA), Mezdi Festival Skalice (SK), Hungarian Academy in Rome (IT), Palace of Culture - Tirgu Mures (RO), Trafo House of Contemporary Culture Budapest(HU), Soros Contemporary Art Center Chisinau (MD), Ostrobothnian Museum Vaasa (FI), Hongarije aan Zee Amsterdam


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