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Artistic contribution

to Cultural versus National Borders

Péter Levente Szábo

Romania, Hungary


The self adjacent country


project made together with: Attila Kispál, Csaba Csiki, Yvette Martini

200x80x60cm, stainless steel, 2005

The word Solarom is composed from 2 world: solarium (SOLA+), and Romania (+ROM). This object is a product what you can use for getting a romania-patterned skin after a long, silent sun-bath. The work has strong political connotations, because the 4 artists where born in Romania, but now they are living in Hungary, being native hungarians, they still have strong links to their native country, this work first was exhibited also there. SOLA, means in latin solely, just alone, there is no other country near by, there is just „endless romania', so you are closed in it, even after the country is join the EU.
No matter where you live, you will be a romanian.


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