Welcome to Europe Now | Europe Next. The website of the culturebase.net project was set up as an interactive space committed to the Europe of today and the Europe of tomorrow. Europe Now | Europe Next examines the process and effects of EU enlargement in the cultural field. At its heart is a series of live and online Encounters. Here artists, journalists and cultural operators open up debates, which are transcending national boundaries. You are invited to post your artistic works and join the debate.
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The contribution of the cultural sector to human development

  • 25 March – 00 November 00
Hosted by: DCCD


Image by Aiham Dib,

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Today‘s featured Contributions

Turkey Cock<br>
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Turkey Cock

by Eugeny Umansky
, Russian Federation
Antwerp Visit: Nedyalko Delchev and<br> Lotte van den Berg
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Antwerp Visit: Nedyalko Delchev and
Lotte van den Berg

by Nedyalko Delchev
, Bulgaria
Fairy Tale<br>
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Fairy Tale

by Agata Michowska
, Poland
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by Mehraneh Atashi